Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Elijah Restores the Widow's Son

1st Kings 17:17 to 1st Kings 18:40

Elijah was with the widow of Zarephath, her son fell ill and died. His mother feared it was for some sin of hers that her child was taken from her, and that it was the prophet who had caused his illness.

Elijah told her to bring her son to him and then, lying down with the child on his own bed, he prayed earnestly that God would let its soul come into it again. God heard his prayer, and brought the child to life again and Elijah carried him down to his mother.

Elijah stayed there for three years and six months. God then told Elijah go again to Ahab, for He was now about to send rain upon the earth. At this time Ahab, and Obadiah, the governor of his household, a man who worshiped God, had gone in different directions to seek grass for the king's horses and mules.

As Obadiah went on his way, Elijah met him, and told him to tell his master where he might find him. Ahab, thought it was he that had brought famine upon the kingdom and had angrily sought him in all countries.

Obadiah was unwilling to carry Elijah's message, for he feared that as soon as he had left him, God might command him to go to some other place, and then, when Ahab came and found no prophet there, he himself might be put to death for having misled the king.

Elijah assured him that he would show himself to Ahab that day and then Obadiah went to tell him.

When Ahab met Elijah, he arrogantly asked whether he were not the man that troubled Israel. Elijah answered that it was not he, but Ahab and his family that had brought affliction upon the nation by their wickedness.

He told the king to gather together all the priests of Baal on Mount Carmel, where he would offer sacrifice to God, and they to Baal; and the god whose sacrifice was consumed by fire from heaven should be acknowledged to be the true God.

Ahab did this. The priests of Baal built their altar, and from morning to evening kept crying, "O Baal, hear us!" There was no answer, their false god could do nothing for them!

Then Elijah prepared his sacrifice and he called upon the Lord God, fire came down from heaven, that burnt up the sacrifice, and the wood, and even the stones of the altar. All the people bowed to the earth, exclaiming, "The Lord He is the God! The Lord He is the God!"

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