Monday, January 30, 2006

The Brazen Serpent

Numbers 21:4-9

The Israelites at first were very sorry for having so displeased God. But they soon forgot it and the next time that they were without water in their camp, they complained against Moses and Aaron.

God commanded Moses to take the rod with which he had struck the rock in Horeb, and before all the people to speak to a certain rock, which He pointed out, and it should give water for them and their cattle.

Both Moses, and Aaron, who was to go with him, did wrong. They thought that speaking to the rock, as God had said, would not be sufficient. Moses struck it twice with his rod, angrily asking the multitude whether he and Aaron must fetch them water out of the rock.

The water, when the rock was struck, flowed out in such abundance that all had enough to drink. God told Moses and Aaron that because they had not obeyed Him when He told them speak to it only, neither of them would enter into the Promised Land.

Aaron, whom God had appointed chief priest, died very soon afterward, on Mount Hor, and Eleazar, his son, was chosen by God as priest in his place.

The land of Edom, which God had given to Esau, now lay between the Israelites and the way by which they were to go to Canaan. Moses sent messengers to the King of Edom, asking leave to pass through.

The king not only refused to let them pass through, but threatened to lead out his army against the Israelites. So they had to go round Edom. There they met with so many difficulties that they got quite dispirited and as before, complained against God.

God punished them. He sent among them fiery serpents, which stung many of the people and many of them died. The fear of death made the Israelites repent, and confess their sin in speaking against God.

They asked Moses to pray for them, that God would take away those dreadful serpents. Moses prayed and God told him to make an image in brass in the likeness of one of the serpents, and to set it up on a pole, and He promised that every one who was stung should be cured when he looked up to it.

Moses did as he was commanded. And every one who looked upon the brazen serpent was healed.

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